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    New Video Shows BMW M235i in Serious Drifting Action

    The BMW M235i Coupe provides some serious automotive thrills no matter who is behind the wheel, but when it is in the capable hands of 2008 World Drifting Champion Rhys Millen, the machine is capable of truly breathtaking feats. Let's take a look at all of the details.

    Starting off under the hood, this aggressively and uniquely styled coupe model is powered by a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine with TwinPower turbocharging technology, as…

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    M is 4 Performance in New BMW Performance Coupe

    Twenty/twenty vision or not, if you blink, you'll miss this.

    It's the premier of the 2015 BMW M4 luxury performance coupe, and it's not slowing down for anything. Whether it's on the track or cruising Freeport, NY roads, the M4 is going to knock your socks off when it powers up to 60 mph in a zippy 4.1 seconds.

    This new model is built on a unique F82 platform…

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    2015 BMW X3 Excels in Luxury Crossover Market with Fuel-Efficient Diesel

    You know a BMW when you see one, and thanks to the premier of the BMW X3 in 2004, now you know the look of a luxury crossover too. For the 2015 model year, the premium sporty vehicle gets a minor facelift to keep us on our toes, redesigning the grilles, bumpers and headlights for a gustier mug shot.

    Need more than just some aesthetic chances to pique your interest? Good thing the lineup is?

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    BMW i3 Undertaking EV Segment Conquest

    Although BMW has been building and testing electric vehicles for decades, the i3 is its first entry into commercial use. Since it's unveiling, it has become quite the hit, selling out much of its stock virtually overnight. What's better still is that it's initiated a sales "conquest" of sorts from other automakers in a pretty big way.

    Automotive news outlets are reporting that BMW's new luxury EV has managed to conquest…

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    BMW Shows Off 2015 X6 SAV

    In the year 2000, when BMW entered the lineup of larger luxury vehicles, it wasn't enough to build a simple SUV. They wanted to combined not just utility and luxury, but the idea of activity. Hence, the creation of the SAV--a segment exclusive to our preferred automaker. Now, they're celebrating the unveiling of the 2015 X6, the most refined of its ilk, yet.

    Originally launched in 2008, the X6 combined the dynamics of…

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    BMW X3 Model Wows Drivers with Performance, Convenience

    Some people say that you just can't have it all, but we here at Hassel BMW in Freeport, NY would present the truly amazing 2014 BMW X3 model as a strong argument to that statement. And that is because this model truly does offer drivers basically everything they could ever want. The model offers amazing and exhilarating BMW performance that we all know and love, as well as huge amounts of capability off of…

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    Introducing: the BMW Vision Gran Turismo

    Strong angles, elegant lines, aerodynamic design; all of these and more go into making a car as fast and as eye-catching as possible. When it comes to our favorite Bavarian automaker, there are certain things that also go into making it a recognizable member of the family, such as the kidney grille and L-shaped tail lamps. The BMW Vision Gran Turismo is pure BMW in all elements. The kicker, though? It's 100% virtual, made…

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    2014 BMW i8 Model Amazes with Electric-Integrated Powertrain

    There are a ton of truly amazing models within the 2014 BMW new model lineup available here in the Freeport, NY at Hassel BMW, but one truly remarkable model in its unbelievably innovative engineering is the all-new 2014 BMW i8 model. That i8 model is so revolutionary because it comes with a two engine hybrid system, one that combines one completely electric engine, with an efficiently powerful BMW traditional fuel engine. This provides drivers with…

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    Don't Miss Your Opportunity at a 2014 BMW New Model

    Life is all about opportunities, and in a hilarious new ad spot from BMW promoting their 2014 BMW new model lineup available here at Hassel BMW in Freeport, NY we get a few reminders as to why when life presents you an opportunity, you'd be best advised to take it. The ad is truly hilarious, and we have it here for you today right here on our dealership blog. Let's take a look…

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