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    BMW Tire Specials in Freeport, NY

    Free installation, high-speed balance and rotation for life with any purchase of 4 tires!

    Tires are one of the most critical components of your vehicle.The performance and life of your tires depend on a variety of factors, including tire type, inflation pressure, wheel alignment, driving habits and road conditions. You can trust your tire care tothe skilled professionals in our Service Center.

    At Hassel BMW we offer the following services:

    Tire inspection

    Computerized wheel alignment for front and
    rear suspension

    Tire rotation to prevent uneven wear, increase fuel efficiency and extend tire life

    Computerized tire balancing

    Our Service Center in the Freeport, NY, areaoffers reliable brandssuch as Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear and Bridgestone. Whether you are looking for new tires or need a tire alignment, Hassel BMW offers these brand-name tires and full tire serviceat competitive prices.

    Contact us today by calling (516) 740-7070.